The First Blockchain-Based Loyalty Platform engineered for the Food-Service Industry

Eatonomy revolutionizes food ordering by allowing anyone to convert crypto to food instantly – anytime, anywhere. Our existing food ordering platform will reward customers with the Treat (TRE) token for purchases of food – which can be imported into a mobile wallet within seconds and for a fraction of a penny. Our vision is a service that removes all traditional barriers and allows any restaurant  to set up a loyalty program using the TRE token for free.

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Starts on July 1, 2018

The Challenge

Loyalty rewards in the restaurant industry are extremely fragmented, and restaurants are unfairly being charged excessive fees by food-tech apps

Restaurants and other food vendors operate at very low margins. With increasing overhead costs and competition, they are forced to explore other sales channels to increase sales. Most often, these channels include using food-ordering apps. Users aggregate to these apps – not to restaurants, and hence the value in the ecosystem is continuously captured by the apps (who retain the customer base), and not with the restaurants themselves.

Eatonomy’s TRE token changes this by creating a decentralized loyalty reward that can be exchanged, transferred, and accepted at any partner restaurant. Its white-label service will enable any restaurant to create its own loyalty platform, for free.

Current Problems

High Transaction Costs

The average transaction fee charged to a restaurant by other food-ordering apps is between 15-18% -Eatonomy only charges 5%

Ecosystem Value

Currently, the value of the ordering ecosystem is captured by the app, not with the restaurant. Eatonomy aims to change this with the Treat Token.

Loyalty Setup costs

Setting up a traditional loyalty program is expensive, and time consuming for a small-medium restaurant. They also introduce a lot of liabilities to the business.

Introducing a Decentralized Loyalty
Program for the Food Industry.

  • Eatonomy is a decentralized platform that allows users to seamlessly turn ANY of their cryptocurrencies into real world value, by enabling users to purchase food using Treat (TRE) tokens on the existing Eatonomy mobile platform.

    The platform will also allow any restaurant, small or large, to create its own loyalty program using the TRE token that is seamless to set up, and, cost-effective. A loyalty program that is fungible, interchangeable, and liquid – this is how we envision the future of loyalty.

Best Toronto Startup Award

  • On November 3, Eatonomy won the prestigious Best Toronto Startup Enterprise Award at the InnovateToronto Pitch Competition, amongst over 200 other participants from across the greater Toronto region. The competition was a collaborative partnership between the University of Toronto, the City of Toronto, Ryerson University, focused on using innovation to shape the next 150 years in Canada and beyond.

Our Vision

We envision Treats (TRE) as a decentralized token reward that will fuel the growth and mass adoption of the Eatonomy platform, among food retailers and customers across the globe. Customers get rewarded in Treat Tokens for purchases, interaction, and loyalty; while food retailers and merchants get a free rewards platform with minimal risks, liabilities, or upkeep.

TREAT Everywhere

  • TRE tokens are the native token powering the Eatonomy platform. Users get rewarded with TRE tokens by purchasing food in-app, trade for TRE tokens (in future) on exchanges, and import TRE tokens directly to the mobile wallet - instantly, and with almost no transaction fees.

    TRE tokens can then be used to purchase food from your favourite restaurants, be it a bakery, a café, a restaurant, and very soon – larger outlets like grocery stores! Eatonomy is slowly changing the way loyalty is done in the restaurant/food industries.

Shop.Treat. Repeat

Problems with Traditional
Rewards Programs

  • For Customers

    Too many programs, very little value

    Customers need to juggle multiple rewards programs, without deriving much value from them.

    Expiring points

    Points expire or lose their value over time. On average, about 20% of points expire every year.

    Limited Usage

    Customers have almost no control over how their points can be used. Holders of typical loyalty program points are only limited to redeem their rewards at select restaurants and products.

    For Partners

    High costs

    High administrative and management costs for implementing a points based loyalty system


    Risk of significant financial liabilities due to monetary value of unused points and rewards

    No value after redemption

    Traditional rewards points have no monetary value to the business after they've been spent by the customer

Endless Possibilities.

Imagine being able to convert the daily profits you made in crypto to your favourite morning coffee, or pizza at lunch – instantly, anywhere around the globe, all for a fraction of a penny

Benefits for Partners

Eatonomy is a fully transferable, fungible, and liquid reward for your customers

Develop strong relationships

Give customers the freedom of choice to pay with fiat or TRE tokens

Reduce upkeep and management costs

Other apps charge 15-18% per transaction, Eatonomy charges 5%!

Turn Customers into influencers

Time-sensitive deals allow you to reduce food waste – be part of the movement!

Lesser liability, greater value

Create your own Loyalty program using TRE tokens, with no typical liabilities

Benefits for Customers

Experience a flexible rewards program - on your own terms.
No restrictive expiry dates, and fully transferable with virtually zero transaction fees

Get rewarded for your purchases and engagement

Earn rewards in TRE tokens – and use them as you wish, without any restrictions of typical rewards programs

Purchase food using Treats from ANY partner stores

Eatonomy is a food deal app, which means you can expect to save 10-50% on food from any of our partner stores!

Send Treats to friends, or donate to your favorite causes

TRE tokens are fully transferable– send them as a gift to reward someone you love!

Earn while you Eat, and use your treats whereever you want

Good day trading? Exchange your crypto for TRE tokens & buy food from any of our partners!

Our Working Platform:
Eatonomy App

Food vendors often cannot accurately predict their demand on a daily basis, hence by day’s end, they’re usually stuck with left over (surplus) food that will go to waste. Today, Eatonomy offers users a fully operational mobile platform to help businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries and cafe's proactively manage their inventory and target deals to customers at given time intervals (say, 20% off freshly baked bagels from 10:30am to 11:30am?)

Marketing Tool

Eatonomy is a marketing tool that drives foot-traffic into stores during slow hours, through targeted deals

Sales Channel

The platform is specially useful to simply and easily monetize surplus food

Waste reduction tool

By proactively managing their inventory throughout the day, food vendors can ensure that they minimize the amount of food that goes to waste


The food vendor controls the number of exclusive deals available, and the timings during which these deals get activated


Customers recieve real-time notifications of deals in their vicinity as soon as they are made available by food merchants

Simple and Customizable

The Eatonomy app is easily customizable to fit the needs of different types of vendors, such as grocery stores, bakeries, restaurants, or farmers' markets.


Shaheryar Ahmad
Technical and Blockchain Lead

Full-Stack Developer Codes in 13+ languages
Project Mgmt and Design @Hydro One Engineering @ Ryerson University

Maleeha Alvi
Marketing and Community Lead

Offer manager @Schneider Electric, Project Coordinator @Suncor Energy Mechatronics Engineering @ Ryerson University

Aadil Kazmi
Strategy and Business Development Lead

Program Manager @OpenText, Sales Exec @ Bell, BBA @ Schulich School, Founder Institute Grad


Paul Bravi
SVP @Food Basics

George Goodwinn
Consultant, Former Executive Special Advisor to George Weston Ltd
Stephen Pumple
Director, Professor, Founder @ AZCAR TECH

Rafik Loutfy
Director @ Centre of Innovation and Engineering, Former VP @ Xerox Research Centre, Holds 32 Patents
Alex Gill
Founder Mendicant Group. Director of Social Ventures Zone. Professor

Wilbert Madarang
Fintech Innovation Manager @ RBC Software and Development @Qualcomm, Microsoft


  • 2016
  • August 2016

    Inception of Eatonomy                       

  • 2017
  • April 2017

    Developed MVP (iOS & Android app)

  • November 2017

    Won startup awards in Canada for $90,000

  • 2018
  • April 2018

    Onboarded 11 restaurants for beta testing & 5,000 app downloads with zero marketing

  • May 2018

    Start ICO                                                 

  • July 2018

    Development of APIs for TRE import and mobile wallet development

  • August 2018

    End of iCO                                                 

  • December 2018

    Expansion across Canada                                               

  • 2019
  • January 2019

    Enablement of TRE token as a form of payment within platform

  • September 2019

    Expansion into US market                                 

  • November 2019

    Launch of white-label service for restaurants to set up their own loyalty using TRE tokens

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